Crafting may be the most useless skill in D&D, but it’s not the most useless skill for D&D.

D&D is truly a wonderful escape from reality. With the right group of friends, it’s full of creativity, world building, story telling, humor, and hijinks. It’s basically pretending for adults, and it’s awesome. I’m the Dungeon Master (DM) for my group, and I use a lot of physical props and materials in my campaigns. Giving your players something physical to hold, read, or interact with really helps get them engaged in the game and into a creative mindset. Mostly, though, I do it for myself. I really like to make stuff, and making stuff that has no purpose at the end is totally ok. But making stuff that someone else can enjoy is a bit more fulfilling. Sometimes I have an idea for a session that involves an object I can make- a letter to be delivered, a key to a secret door, a 3D puzzle to solve. Other times, I’m inspired to make something and then decide to develop a session around it (like this mirror I recently made).

The last campaign that I ran was called The Book of Silent Songs. It was about the legend of the first Bard and follows a group of adventurers searching for the famed Book which she hid to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. The party must find the book in order to save the Earth from a primordial evil being that appears as a bright star visible in the daytime sky. I haven’t had time to prep the campaign for public use, but maybe some day! It led to some really fun crafts and props described below.

D&D Crafts, Puzzles, and Songs

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