Campaign: The Book of Silent Songs

These are materials for my current campaign called The Book of Silent Songs. I haven’t had time to edit all of my notes for public consumption, but I’ll post individual sections of the game that can be used as multi-session adventures as I finish them. They aren’t the most polished yet, but they’re usable. One day maybe I’ll have time to compile everything into a full, premade adventure, but until then please enjoy what I’ve got up!

If you share, please credit me by name and website (Jamie Molaro,, and hit me up on twitter (@spacejammie) to tell me how you liked it.


   The Moon Trees

Moon Chart croppedThis is a multi-session adventure following a party on a quest to defeat a demon, but in the process become involved in a regional political conflict between humans and a persecuted werewolf race called the Wolvega. The party must gather the seeds of their sacred Moon trees to help save the Wolfwood and Wolvega village, in the process solving the mystery of a cursed chalice and befriending some NPCs with tragic pasts. The story involves a decades old war, an order of necromancer clerics, Moon magic, and a challenging, multi-session dungeon.

Documents below include the campaign setting description, descriptions and maps for individual sessions, and a few other things needed for individual sessions in the story. This was written for 3.5, so it’ll have to be adapted for 5e.

Campaign Setting and Description