A Dice Bag

Most people who love D&D love dice, and for great dice you need a great dice bag. I made these as gifts for my current players after we’d started getting settled as a group. I have a lot of spare fabric around, so I just picked something that looked fancy and “rolled” with it. Ha. Now, I don’t want to be one of those people that claims that something that’s easy for me should also be easy for you, but if you have some experience sewing you may recognize this bag as being fairly simple. The “pattern,” if you can call it that, was literally half (hamburger-ways) of an 8.5×11″ sheet of paper.


Cut out the rectangle of fabric, and fold it in half right sides together. The fold is the bottom of the bag, so sew up the edge on each side. If you want something different for the liner on the inside, pick a second fabric and do the same so you have two fabric pockets. Now, the hardest about about this is sewing the tow pockets together. Arrange them so they are next to each other, with the main fabric right sides OUT, and the liner fabric right sides IN. Line up the seams on the edges of both pockets, and sew around the top edge. This way, when you fold the liner down inside of the main pocket, the liner has its right side on the inside of the bag. I realize this is confusing without pictures, I apologize- I made these long before I considered making a website. But if you are new to sewing (even if you’re not), it helps to to pin the pieces together and practice folding them together to make sure it turns out the way you want it to. It is much easier to visualize which sides need to be in and out once you pin and fold it manually, while you can fiddle with tangibly. Once I finished the bag, I cut a small strip of extra fabric and sewed a small loop on the outside for a ribbon to go through in order to tie the top closed. The basic idea is pretty straightforward, as far as a bag can go, but it can be modified many different ways. Experiment with it!