Random Movie Generator

These were a fun project using the robot to make stickers for six sided dice. I’m not sure where the idea came from, I just bought some blank dice and wanted to make something with them. They started out with just different characters I liked, and evolved into small story generators. The following categories are represented: male heroes, female heroes, villains, minions & armies, disasters, tools, and sidekicks/non-humanoid heroes.

Simply roll the dice, and tell a story with what comes up! It’s just fun for conversation and laughs. For example: The White Witch, backed by her horde of dinosaurs, is out to steal the triforce and conquer the world- with the help of Falcor, Samus Aron diverts an asteroid towards the oncoming army while 007 steals back the triforce just in the nick of time. Darth Vader summons the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to destroy the capital of Planet Earth, triggering a meltdown in a nearby nuclear reactor- MacGvyer and his trusty sidekick The Brave Little Toaster manage to avert the meltdown and avoid a nuclear explosion, as Sailor Moon wields Excalibur against her arch-nemesis FOR THE LAST TIME.

Tired of action movies? How about when a scientific mishap leads to a global pandemic and rising zombie horde, the Wicked Witch of the West and Captain Picard both follow Lassie in search of the great oracle Ruth Bader Ginsberg, each to their own ends- little do they know what an unlikely, and passionate, romance will unfold. Doctor Who and nurse Buffy the Vampire Slayer find themselves on an alien battlefield in a small seaside town that is trying to recover after an invasion by the merciless warlord Ursula and her giant kraken*- only they have the skills to save the fallen soldiers, but in a world threatened by climate change, can they find the supplies they need for medicine with only a P-Wing to help? *The giant kraken is listed as both a sidekick and a minion because it has a true neutral alignment.