Scorpius (α Scorpii)

I had a fun idea with the embroidery machine as I was cleaning up loose threads on a practice piece. I haven’t had time to explain the whole embroidery process, but check the 3 Moon Wolf page once I have time to get it up.

Each time the machine moves from area to area, there’s a thread that’s left behind on the trail. It suddenly occurred to me that if I embroidered constellations, the threads between the stars would draw out its shape. Scorpius is my favorite constellation because it hung right in the center of the summer sky from the view off the back porch of my childhood home. I wanted something to go along with it, and I found a series of anatomical drawings of arthropods from an early 19th century Encyclopedia Britannica online from Project Gutenburg. I thought the line drawings would work well without too much digital fussing. I’m so pleased with how it came out! The simple and monocolor theme works for me, and the set of images form a compelling study of the structure of things, both large and small, near and far.