Space Quilt

This project does not involve any actual scientific data, but it IS cute. A small quilt, for the aspiring astronaut, scientist, or engineer. A good friend and planetary scientist is having a baby, so I whipped this up as a gift. It was fun to make, and I thought it would be pretty fast because the quilt itself is really simple. The quilt body is just one panel, and the back panel folds over to make the outside border on the front side. I learned, however, that using interfacing on felt is challenging because it is thick and fuzzy. More problematic was using interfacing between felt and silk, the latter of which has a low ironing heat. So, the whole project actually took me forever, and now I need to clean my iron. But hey- it turned out well. A friend pointed out that silk might not have been the best choice of material for something that will have to get washed all the time, but I am often a “make first and aask questions later” kind of crafter. So, it’ll be soft while it lasts!

Lighting wasn’t great at 2 am when I took these pictures before wrapping it up, but it’s navy blue silk and purple/teal patterned cotton. I made the Moon by using a Photoshop filter on a photo to blur and separate the light and dark regions for cutting.