The Geometer

This set of dice was custom made for a dear friend and his character, a wizard and geometer (a 3.5e prestige class) with a penchant for necromancy. They were a lot of fun to make!

I’m particularly pleased with the wraps and inverse-repeating geometrical patterns I created for the two d10s. Putting the stickers on so they lined up probably was a giant pain, but the end product looks very cool.

The character Ekaterina is a princess in the game, and was somewhat inspired by Anastasia. So, the the d20 is fairly simple with a small version of the brooch that is on the dice box monogramed with a letter E for Ekaterina. The brooch and the crown on the d6 were created based on items from the collection of Russian imperial crown jewels. During the process I learned a lot about the Grand Princess and about the crown jewels, of which there are many absolutely gorgeous crowns and tiaras, most of which are in private collections since the Bolsheviks sold them all to raise money for the new communist state after murdering the entire Romanov family. Most were too complex to reproduce as small symbols, and I couldn’t find one that actually was made for Anastasia that could be easily made into a small symbol, but these were within the immediate family.

The d6 has six individual symbols, each relating to Ekaterina and each also representing one of the abilities. The 1 is a crown, representing Charisma and leadership, and the 2 is a raven (her familiar) for Dexterity. The 3 is a nautilus with the golden ratio, symbolizing the Intelligence focus of the Wizard class and connection to the character’s geometer focus. The 4 is a cross with a snake, an old occult symbol relating to necromancy which stands for Constitution. The 5 is a crystal to represent Wisdom, as they are commonly used for spellcasting purposes. Finally, the 6 is the symbol for the Philosopher’s Stone, which has a triangular geometrical shape (the strongest shape, to an engineer) and a square representing balance of the elements, both of which relate to Strength that lies not in body but in mind, skill, and spirit. The d4 has the chemical symbol for equilibrium, which has a similar theme as the Philosopher’s Stone. The d8, d10s, and d12 just have cool looking geometrical symbols to go with the geometer theme.

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