I teach workshops on creating science- and data-driven art to artists, makers, scientists, and educators. Information for the 2022 series held in Tucson, Los Angeles, and Denver can be found here. These events are supported by NASA’s Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI). If you’re interested in having me teach a workshop at your institution, please get in touch! Otherwise, fill out the Indication of Interest form to hear about future workshop dates.

Making Space is a multi-day workshop about space, sciart, and making where we use art as a tool to understand and communicate scientific concepts and explore humanity’s relationship to space. You will learn about data-driven art and create your own work which incorporates and communicates scientific data or ideas you’ve learned about during the week. Participants will be encouraged to display their work(s) at an art exhibition the following year coordinated or facilitated by us. This workshop is targeted towards an adult audience of hobbyist and professional artists, makers, scientists/engineers, science educators, and communicators. In this interdisciplinary course, we will:

  • Learn about topics in astronomy/planetary science
  • Learn how to access public tools and data from spacecraft missions
  • Engage in collaborative art-making and discussion activities
  • Explore the relationship between space, science, art, and society
  • Choose between available art “labs” that model how to create science focused works
  • Make and present your own piece of science-driven artwork at the end of the workshop